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Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Special Symposium


Succeeding the SDGs Special Symposium and Sapporo Declaration in the APCChE2019, we, the Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan (SCEJ), would like to propose a follow-up SDGs Special Event. This event features international cooperation from the Malaysian partners, the current host-country of APCChE, and the Philippines partners, the next host-country of APCChE. We would like to leverage the popularity and convenience of web conferencing tools, in promoting collaborative studies aiming at various efforts to achieve SDGs, for the students in the Asia-Pacific region. Following the announcement, we will elaborate on the contributions of chemical engineering to the SDGs by holding group discussions with participants from industry, academia, and the public sectors.



Suguru Noda (Waseda U., Japan), Satoko Fujioka (Keio U., Japan), Mitsuo Yamamoto (U. Tokyo, Japan), Fukuya Iino (UNIDO),
Keat Teong Lee (U. Science Malaysia, Malaysia), Joey D. Ocon (U. Philippines Diliman, Philippines)


Student Advisors

Heng Yi Teah (Waseda U., Japan), Hooi Ling Lee (U. Science Malaysia, Malaysia), Young Professor (U. Science Malaysia), and organizers


Invited speakers

Mr. Chuan Zhen Ko (CEO of Plus Xnergy, Malaysia)


Tentative Program:
13:00-17:00 afternoon (Aug. 11th or 12th)

13:00-14:05 Session 1 – Lecture (no Q&A)

Opening 5 min (Noda)

Keynote from Japan (20 min): Prof. Masahiko Matsukata

Report from Japan (10 min): Prof. Satoko Fujioka, “”

Invited Lecture from Malaysia (15 min, on-event-site): Mr. Chuan Zhen Ko (CEO of Plus Xnergy),
“Fostering Business for Sustainable Developments with Engineering Knowledge”

Invited Lecture from Philippines (15 min): Prof. Joey D. Ocon (U. Philippines Diliman)

14:05-15:05 Session 2 – Proposals from Youth

  Proposals from 6 groups, 10 min each

15:05-15:15 break

15:15-16:30 Participatory workshop: Group discussion on 5 proposals with 3 lectures

16:30-17:00 Summary and networking

  Presentations from 6 groups, 2 min each

  Messages from lecturers



Research Proposals for International Students’ Collaborative Studies

We plan to recruit 25 students from various countries, making five working groups with five students each. Each group will be presented with a specific theme related to achieving SDGs with chemical engineering. Students will then work on the proposals as a response to the challenge. One to two student advisors will be provided for each group to guide students in applying problem-solving methods. Participating students must actively discuss, weekly or biweekly, for four months from April to July via web conferencing tools. The expected effort from students is one day per week. Finally, we will consider a journal article submission given an outstanding result (note1). Or, we will consider a research fund application for an international joint project from each country.

Example themes include “Design and propose a sustainable infrastructure to deal with the volcano eruption disaster in Tonga”, “Design and propose a resilient decentralized renewable energy and water supply systems”, “Design and propose a multi-faceted measure against marine plastic pollution”, etc. We would encourage the students to take the initiative in deciding a theme not limited to these suggestions with the support of group advisors (note2).


General Participation

This special symposium will be held in a hybrid format. We plan for it to be opened to the public (including high-school students and their parents) without a participation fee (online only), to emphasize chemical engineering’s commitment to society and promote partnerships with different fields and sectors.

Talk to Prof. Dominic Foo, the organizer of APCChE2022, if this symposium could be opened to the public without a participation fee (online only).

Organizers and advisors are expected to make registration by themselves.